A Review of Church Basement Ladies

Church Basement Ladies is a fun musical comedy, written by Jim Stowers and Jessica Zulhenberg, with music, and lyrics by Drew Jansen; also featuring guest stars Tawny Banks and Jordan Keller. The story is centered around the female workers at church who enjoy cooking meals for a church function and is inspired mostly by the same humorous book Growing Up Catholic, by Janet Letnes. In particular, the book is modeled after the book series about growing up Catholic.

Although it is a women’s movie, the humor comes off more easily for men, and some of the dialogue is confusing to both sexes, especially compared to some of Stowers’ previous roles (like Duck farming, Mass Effect 3). It doesn’t help that the music sounds very “feminine” and some of the songs aren’t very funny, but overall, it’s a fun movie that could be a crossover hit.

Church Basement Ladies

Like many of Stowers’ previous roles, Church Basement Ladies has a strong romantic element to it but adds a more modern twist in having the characters get their kicks in their workplace. The humor is somewhat similar to Stowers’ other movies like I Married a Caveman and Working Girl, where he plays a character whose gender isn’t immediately obvious. In this role, he gets to showcase some of his best comedic abilities, especially since he’s played by an excellent actor in Rachel Bilson (E.T. ).

In the end, Church Basement Ladies provides a good dose of comedy for those looking for a good comedy, with a little bit of romance thrown in to make it a little more romantic. Although not as captivating as the aforementioned movies, it’s still a great addition to the long list of films by Drew Barrymore, Jennifer Aniston, and actresses such as Ashley Tisdale and Reese Witherspoon. Although the plot of the movie doesn’t entirely progress throughout the film (and there’s only a brief moment when Ellen’s story is revealed), it’s easy to see where the story is going. I recommend watching Church Basement Ladies with the whole family, especially if mom has an extra-large vagina.

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