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The NASCAR Xfinity Series is a premier auto racing professional competition open to drivers from any driving discipline. It has a fascinating history as well, having begun in 1948 with the drafting of Bill France’s car and ever since then being staged at race tracks all over the United States. As such, the Xfinity Series has consistently proven to be a popular and profitable form of racing due to its popularity among drivers. The sport is one of the most well-known, recognized, and well marketed on the auto racing circuit today and has been for many years.

The NASCAR Xfinity 500, also known as the Xfinity Cup, is a high-profile auto racing professional competition held annually at the historic Martinsville Speedway in Ridgway, Virginia. The race is formally called the Pepsi Auto Challenge and is held in May. Like all NASCAR races, the Xfinity Series is staged by a manufacturer’s specific NASCAR Cup Series team and consists of several cars that compete for the championship. The Martinsville Speedway race, more widely known as the Pepsi Auto Shootout, is considered one of the most critical and exciting stock car racing events to be staged in North America.

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The list of teams participating in the NASCAR Xfinity 500 includes three current NASCAR Cup Series teams – Team Pensacola, which features drivers Sage Johnson and Bryan Nationwide, along with former drivers like Mark Martin, Buddy Baker, and others, as well as several past winners of the event like Jamie McCaughey, Carl Edwards, and Kurt Busch. However, just because a car is part of the NASCAR Cup Series does not guarantee it will be successful in this year’s race. Only two of the twelve drivers have been successful in previous years, and those two have been eliminated from the running due to injury. This year, there are some newcomers to the competition; many of them have never driven an automobile before. The best thing to do is go to a driving school and learn how to drive a stock car, whether you’re a new driver or an experienced veteran.