Teen Stars Make Broadway’s ‘Dear Evan Hansen’ Resonate Even More

When I saw “Dear Evan Hansen” on Broadway two decades ago, I wrote,”Rarely, if ever, have teenager feelings of isolation insecurity been brilliantly researched — or so delightfully expressed on point.”

And that is even truer today that Evan is performed with a 16-year-old.
It has been known as among the toughest functions on Broadway to sing, as Evan Hansen calls upon a celebrity to exhibit a broad assortment of emotions — that is 1 reason why this adolescent character was played by men in their 20s. . .until now.

Dear Evan Hansen

“Yeah, it is terrifying,” Andrew Barth Feldman stated. “You will find big shoes for me to fulfill, but I am only hoping to fill them in my way.”

“that I simply didn’t quit,” he explained. “And I’d do five shows at one time in various community theatres around the Tri-State region.”

Last week, he also placed first in the Jimmy awards, a contest for the country’s best high school actors.

“Dear Evan Hansen” manufacturer Stacey Mindich watched Andrew there.

“Plus it was just like a kick in the gut,” she explained.

And that’s the way a multi-million-dollar manufacturing came to rest on the slim shoulders of a high school junior.

“It is difficult,” he explained. “It is really challenging.”

Fortunately, he’s got lots of assistance. Mallory Bechtel, who plays contrary Andrew, is a teen also — over a year ago her high school graduation.

“There is a feeling of this with Evan, he is having these adventures for the very first time in his entire life,” she explained.

And some worries that they might feel are utilized to fuel their performances.

“Viewing a child playing a child, it makes it simpler to think,” Andrew stated.

I believe that makes the whole musical much more moving. It is the perfect series for young men and women, since it speaks directly to them more straight today.

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