If you have ever been to a Motley Crue concert, chances are, you will want to go again. This is because this band is one of the most well known and well loved. When you think about this, it only makes sense that these guys would make the cut on a list of the best rock bands. They are definitely not the oldest rock band, but they are definitely on the list for a reason. These guys have played rock until they can’t do anything else.

Motley Crue

The Motley Crue has played some of the biggest and most memorable concert moments in history. Some of their most popular songs include “Walk of Life”, “Dirty Laundry”, and “My Own Private Idaho”. Each of these songs was recorded live and played during a concert or other event. If you were lucky enough to see these concerts, chances are you will always remember them. The band may be one of the most well know and loved, but they never take themselves too seriously and it shows in their music.

Motley Crue Tickets

As mentioned above, many people go to these concerts every year to get the chance to see them perform live again. In 2021 Motley Crue Houston Concert will be held at Minute Maid Park, Houston. However, the band has been known to play some of their classic songs as well. “We Will Rock You” is a good example of this. This song was played during a Motley Crue concert in Canada and was well received by the crowd. The song was played before the band made their way to Australia to perform. In fact, they performed it at the Sydney Opera House before heading out there to perform there as well. It is one of the most memorable concert moments of all time.