Thoroughly Modern Millie is a new series of art by Dan Christensen. The artist bases his paintings on a simple concept: he believes that all men are made by the society in which they grow up and through this series of paintings of his attempts to bring some notion of a completely modernized society into his work have met with great success.

Some of the most commonly cited examples of his paintings are entitled Homage to the Stars, The Day I Swapped My Dad for His Shiny Black Bike, and After Life. These are only a few of the works he has produced and while they all share a common theme of exploring different forms of art through different artists, what really separates these paintings from the rest is their sheer subject matter. While all art, for that matter, can touch upon universal themes of life and humanity, there is something about these particular works that puts them above the rest.

Thoroughly Modern Millie

Christensen first discovered his love for the art of painting while he was still in college and it continues to inspire him to this day. Like many people who pursue a career in art, his path to success was not easy. As he entered his mid-twenties he found himself unemployed and with his student loans behind him he was no closer to the lifestyle he had hoped for. In this time of need he turned to his paintings and since then has had a consistent desire to share his artwork with others.

It is important to understand that Christensen’s paintings are not commercial pieces. Instead they are more personal works, each more impressive than the last. His paintings are expressions of his inner feelings and have that quality of bringing a tear to one’s eye as they depict the beautiful colors he finds himself inspired by. If you are looking for an expressive outlet that goes beyond what the masses have to offer, you will likely find that his paintings speak to you and this quality is something that is appreciated in the art.